What is WWOOF?

Aloha and Welcome to WWOOF Hawaii

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a unique educational organic farming and cultural exchange program that allows participants to gain practical and sustainable agriculture experience, while meeting and forming relationships with people from around the world.

WWOOFers are linked up with one or more of the 240 Host farms in Hawaii, where they help with farm work four to six hours a day, usually five days a week for a period of a few weeks up to a year. In turn, WWOOFers receive room and board, and a great opportunity to learn about organic farming.

Your WWOOFing life

As a WWOOFer on a host farm, you will be expected to participate in farm- and garden-related chores. You will enjoy a wide variety of agricultural learning experiences, including growing vegetables, harvesting fruit, beekeeping, aquaponics, and working with animals. Each host farm will vary based on its needs and what it offers to its WWOOFers, so be sure to ask the host about meals, accommodations and what their expectations are before you commit to them. It is your responsability to know these things and be prepared for your trip.

Because you can grow almost anything year round in Hawaii’s lush climate, many hosts accept WWOOFers throughout the year. The islands’ breathtaking landscapes, tropical beaches, beautiful wildlife, dynamic culture and exciting leisure activities draw a large number of WWOOFers to the islands. We recommend linking up with a host farm at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance before you plan to arrive. It is also a good idea to apply to a number of farms so that you are sure to have an opportunity on at least one farm.

At the request of their hosts, some WWOOFers help out a minimum of one month, and some choose to stay at their host farms for much longer. The length of your stay depends on the needs of each host and your compatibility with each other. You are free to decide how much time you spend on a particular farm, based on the host’s needs and requirements.

Your WWOOFing life

Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up for a yearly WWOOF Hawaii membership. The most important thing is that you are healthy and can endure 4-5 hours a day of physical activities. We encourage WWOOFers and Hosts of all walks of life to be a part of WWOOF Hawaii, which helps strengthen sustainable agriculture efforts and partnerships worldwide. Organic farming experience is not required, but you should have a passion for sustainable agriculture and a strong drive for learning.

For prospective WWOOFers coming from overseas, WWOOF Hawaii recommends that you have a basic understanding of English. Please check out our VISA INFORMATION section to make sure you are ready to travel.


Signing up as a WWOOFer allows you to gain firsthand organic farming experience, during a time when our planet needs it the most—all while soaking in the gorgeous Hawaiian landscape and rich, local culture!

WWOOFers come to Hawaii from all over the world, so you will have the opportunity to form relationships with people of many cultures. In our modern, technological world that socially cuts us off from one another, WWOOFing allows people to form valuable, personal connections with others.

For your participation on the farm, you will enjoy free accommodations and meals; the opportunity to travel throughout the five main islands; and a dynamic, unforgettable life experience. While many people are working full-time hours in stuffy offices and indoor spaces, your part-time workplace will be located in the midst of Hawaii’s lush paradise.

Not only will you be able to enrich your own life, but you will also contribute to the greater worldwide organic food movement, meeting and networking with like minds in the process. Coming together to grow organic food in a sustainable way allows us to help change the course of our unhealthy, unsustainable food system and lifestyles.